Let us take care of the home,
you take care of your family.

HomeHandled provides a subscription-based membership for seniors, busy professionals, and families. We provide home management services so that our members are not burdened with cumbersome home maintenance. Whether you are a busy professional with limited time to tend to your home, or a senior who needs a helping hand with your house, HomeHandled can provide you the peace of mind you are looking for. Our licensed professionals are thoroughly screened and provide only the highest quality services.

member services

regular visits to property

A home manager will make regular visits to the property to monitor the home and ensure there are no unexpected surprises. Our reliable service managers will visually inspect the home and alert home owners if there is anything out of the ordinary.

routine maintenance

An experienced handyman can help with routine maintenance, such as replacing air and water filters, changing batteries, winterizing the home, checking and replacing lightbulbs, visually scanning the home for anything that requires attention, and special services as needed.

home repair
manage repair projects

Utilizing licensed contractors who are fully vetted by HomeHandled, we can manage small or large repair projects in your home. Our pre-approved contractors are licensed and fully bonded, saving you the the hassle of sourcing and interviewing vendors.

communicate with family members

We will provide status updates and any necessary alerts through regular communication with home owners or designated family members. Our trusted account managers treat your family like their own.

18-Point Preventative Maintenance Checklist


All members will receive an initial home inspection from a licensed and highly qualified home inspector as well as a thorough consultation with a HomeHandled representative. Once the inspection and consultation are complete, a customized property plan is put into place and members are assigned to a HomeHandled account manager who will oversee the monthly services included in your membership.