it's all about family.

Home ownership can be stressful. Whether it’s your own home or the home of a dependent family member, owning a home requires routine maintenance and things always go wrong at the least convenient time. We found ourselves asking – what if a trusted resource could relieve the burden of home ownership for busy professionals, active families, and aging seniors so that families could focus on spending more quality time together? HomeHandled was created so that families can enjoy the security and pride of home ownership without the hassle of home maintenance, guilt of ignoring repairs, or unexpected emergencies that take them away from enjoying time with each other.

Karen & Art Wood, Owners

Karen and Art live in Stone Mountain with their two kids, Trace and Makenna. Anyone who knows the Wood family will tell you that they are deeply involved with the local community and they are equally dedicated to their family. The idea of HomeHandled came from Art’s devotion to helping his mom, Dianne, maintain her home. A resident of the Smoke Rise community, Dianne felt burdened by the upkeep of her home, while also feeling guilty every time she asked Art to help her with home maintenance. HomeHandled now provides peace of mind that her home is professionally maintained. Karen and Art are passionate about how HomeHandled will give families like their own more time to spend with each other, and less time worrying about maintaining their home.

Team Members

Rick Morse, Inspector

Richard is the owner of Morlin Property Inspections. He performs both residential and commercial property inspections, as well as radon gas detection and air sampling for potential mold spore growth. Richard is dedicated to you, the homeowner, to give an unbiased professional view of your home so informed decisions can be made to as what repairs are needed now and in the future. An inspection during this process will alert the Home Handled Team to as what concerns require immediate attention and those that will require routine repairs / regular maintenance. Richard is professionally certified through NACHI – the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors’ and has been performing property inspections for over twenty years. He performs inspections for home and commercial buyers and sellers. His clients include Invest Atlanta, real estate investors, Richard graduated from Western Connecticut State University, Ancell School of Business, had served in the United States Air Force and traveled abroad. His inspection career started out as being a residential home builder and renovator. Richard is originally from Syracuse and has called Lilburn his home for the last 17 years with his wife, Donna and their 5 children.

Ryan Carroll, Sales

Ryan lives in Mableton with his husband, Michael, and their two dogs, Duke and Henry. In July, 2022 Ryan was inducted into the first-time homeowner club and quickly learned about all the maintenance and costs involved in the upkeep of a home. In the 36 months prior to this, Ryan unexpectedly became his mother’s full-time caregiver after a stroke left her unable to care for herself. A recent retiree, Ryan’s mom was in the process of updating her home when her health issues no longer allowed her to live independently and Ryan moved her to be with him in Atlanta. Relying on his instinct and personal connections, Ryan was able to work with trusted professionals in Indiana to facilitate all the repairs needed to sell his mother’s home. HomeHandled is a natural fit for Ryan because of his experience from both perspectives of the homeownership journey and his main goal is to help alleviate the stressors involved in home ownership which will allow homeowners more time to create memories with their loved ones.   

“I don’t want to give up my house. I don’t want to move to a retirement community